Top Ten Ways to Avoid Drama

Drama, drama, drama… It is interesting when you ask teenagers if they themselves, or anybody they know has drama in their life. The vast majority of the time they always give a resounding yes as their answer. It is also interesting to note that young ladies seem to be more given to drama than young men. Today’s two minute teaching will be a quick guide to avoiding drama.

10. Do not lie… People will respect you more if they know that they can trust you to tell the truth. Do not try to cover up your mistakes, admit to them, apologize and move on.
9. Do not gossip… Gossip is a relationship killer. Avoid saying things about people that you have not told the offending person directly.
8. Do not give your ear to gossip… Listening and giving your ear to somebody gossiping is just as bad as gossiping. Cut gossip out of your life.
7. Be real… You will be found out if you are being fake. Plus it is annoying to see two people embrace and be giddy in seeing each other only to walk away saying, “I can’t stand her.”
6. Communicate your issues… Try not to wait until you have boiled over to communicate your issues. Explain your feelings to a friend who has offended you right away so that they do not have to deal with your detailed list of 101 offenses later.
5. Do not be easily offended… Do your best to look past small offenses. It is difficult for people to deal with when you get offended that they talked to somebody else for two more minutes than they talked to you.
4. Consider everything that you text or IM to be public… If you do not want somebody to know something, avoid texting or IMing the info. How many times has somebody shown you a text or IM that was not intended for you?
3. Avoid drama… If the drama does not involve you, keep it that way. Do not needlessly get involved in drama. If you do get involved, try to work it out for best of everyone that is involved.
2. Know who you can trust… If somebody has broken your trust a few times, maybe it is a pattern for them. Maybe you need to use wisdom and discretion in what you tell them the next time you talk.
1. Keep confidences… If your friend asks you to keep something private and confidential, honor their request. If people know that they can trust you, you will have meaningful relationships.

This is not an end all to avoiding drama, but putting these things into practice will help you start the drama removal process in your life. These things take practice and discipline. It is important to be able to admit your shortcomings to friends. If you mess up, be truthful about it and ask them to forgive you. Let’s leave drama up to the likes of Law and Order and CSI.

– The Pulse Youth Group in Janesville, WI